Becoming a Wanderess


n. – A female wanderer; a goddess of the earth; a female looking for adventure and new experiences, places, and people; a free-spirited woman getting lost to find herself; the most magical kind of female.

–  Urban Dictionary

A wanderess has no set destination, she has no set plan. She knows lifes’ answers are found in the unknown. She seeks out and embraces the new, the challenging and the uncomfortable, for here is where she is most herself.

Now, this is not to say she wanders around aimlessly. In fact, when thinking of this word’s meaning most will probably relate it to traveling the world. Although this is its main definition, I believe it means much more.

A wanderess could be anyone, in any aspect of life; whether traveling, changing careers, or finding her purpose, she is eager to learn and better herself.  She is not content with the simplicities placed in front of her, and is in constant search for adventure and growth.

I encourage you to find your inner wanderess, to step out of your comfort zone and do the things that ignite that flame in your heart. Take that trip, quit that job, start that class – become who you were meant to be!

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