Unexpected hiccups are a part of life -- things happen that slow us down, make us question our decisions, and sometimes get mad at the world -- and being on sabbatical is no exception. We’ve all taken trips where things haven’t gone as planned, and we were forced to look beyond our guidebook for... Continue Reading →

Travel Quotes to Inspire Wanderlust

Here are some of my favorite travel quotes that comfort my soul when I'm feeling the travel itch. Traveling is so much more than a vacation, and these quotes capture the true essence of wanderlust. When a man is a traveler, the world is his house and the sky is his roof, where he hangs... Continue Reading →

Becoming a Wanderess

Wanderess n. - A female wanderer; a goddess of the earth; a female looking for adventure and new experiences, places, and people; a free-spirited woman getting lost to find herself; the most magical kind of female. -  Urban Dictionary A wanderess has no set destination, she has no set plan. She knows lifes' answers are... Continue Reading →

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